Monday - Friday Mornings

Located in South Austin, this exquisite pet care hotel and training facility is a true gem and serene haven for pets.

These lodges are surrounded by gorgeous Live Oak trees - a six acre Garden of Eden for pets! The tranquil environment coupled with their professional level of operational service and care had conquered my heart, and they have been my family and work base since the year 2000.

You can find me at this property for pet styling Monday through Friday mornings.

Exmore Pet Care


at the Studio by Appoitment

A wonderful zen cageless experience for you pet
Peaceful relaxing aroma therapy after grooming
Play time for a less stressful grooming experience
Calming music
Foaming bath massage
Therapeutic (Vicky Warner, by appointment only)
Hand stripping (Tina Rosado, by appointment only)
Every kind of haircut / breed cut, design cuts, show cuts, color (by Mavi)

Lessons available
Educational playtime for a child and their pet
Jacuzzi special for problematic skin care
Boarding (entrance exam is required for acceptance, only two pets at a time)
Cat grooming.

All grooming includes:
Teeth cleaning, ears ,eyes, nail smoothing and filing, anal glands expression, natural products, excellents shampoos and conditioners (Espree brand) ,final touch of fresh cologne at the end.